A homeless cat. A diamond bracelet in the moonlight. A corpse buried in the dunes.
Strolling on the beach one moonlight evening, Trixie Montgomery stumbles on a body buried
in the sand. Full time historical writer and part time amateur sleuth, she waves bon voyage to her relaxing vacation, and becomes entangled in the search for who-done-it. With best friend, Dee Dee Lamont, in tow, the duo springs into action when Trixie's beloved aunt Nana goes missing as she closes in on the killer. Who's taken Nana, and how will the girls save her from becoming the next buried treasure in the pirate's booty? Smell the salty breezes, and savor the delicacies fresh-from-the-sea in Terror on Tybee Island, a seaside cozy mystery from popular author, Deborah Malone.

Now Available! "Murder in Marietta"

                                    Murder in Marietta follows historical magazine writer Trixie
                                    Montgomery on her latest assignment that can make or break her
                                    her new career. The Marietta History Museum’s resident ghosts
are stirring up trouble in historic downtown Marietta, Georgia. Trixie begs her best friend to come along.  Their plans to research the spooky sightings vanish into thin air when a dead body is discovered in the museum. The director of the museum and her boss’ friend, Doc Pennington, shoots to the top of the suspect list when his fingerprints are the only ones found on the murder weapon, a civil war rifle. Unwilling to risk losing her boss’s faith in her journalistic abilities, Trixie and Dee Dee offer to help sniff out the real culprit only to wind up in hot water when they are kidnapped by the real killers. Will they be rescued in time?        


Winner in American Christian Fiction Writers' Category Five writing contest!
A friendly adventure turns to murder and mayhem in the north Georgia mountains. Historical writer Trixie Montgomery is asked to cover Gold Rush Days in the picturesque Georgia mountain town, Dahlonega.
Trixie seizes the chance to mix business with pleasure and asks her best friend, Dee Dee to tag along. Their well laid plans go awry when Dee Dee is discovered standing over the lifeless body of prominent citizen, John Tatum - the very man she'd had a run in with earlier that day - holding a bloody pickax in her hands.
Can Trixie find a way to finish her assignment and keep Dee Dee out of the slammer?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website. I am proud to announce my debut book "Death in Dahlonega" is now available at Lampost Publishing. The journey has been long, but the final product has been worth all the hard work.
I remember when I penned the first words to my novel. I think of my writing journey as the journey of a butterfly takes in its lifetime. Starting as a lowly caterpillar it will then form into a cocoon where it will eventually develop into a beautiful butterfly. But before it becomes this beautiful creature it must struggle and struggle to hatch from its cocoon. During the struggle the butterfly’s wings become strong so that it can fly. If the cocoon is opened to soon the butterfly will not be strong enough to fly. It must go through the struggle.

That is the way of a writer. A writer must to go through a journey to become the writer he/she was meant to be. I’ve just finished my first novel “Death in Dahlonega” a cozy mystery. I’ve been working for several years to finish and publish “Death in Dahlonega”. Now that it is finally published I feel like I'm now a butterfly.

I hope you enjoy reading "Death in Dahlonega". I would love to hear from you. I am working on "Murder in Marietta" the second in the Trixie Montgomery series.



Yellow and black,
struggling to be born into this world.
The struggle will strengthen this
beautiful creature for the journey that lies ahead.

The struggle continues,
the traveler unaware of the destiny that lies beyond.
It makes no difference,
that the journey is to be short.

Wings tattered and torn,
life comes to an end.
Joy and pleasure have been given to others,
the struggle has not been in vain.

Deborah Malone